You should only smoke, if you look as cool as she looks!

I definitely don’t want to promote smoking. It is unhealthy and kills people. But it can look soooooo cool! So please apologize this short distraction from your healthy lifestyle and enjoy the images of Margerie (@Famiglistimo), smoking a cigarette in our turquoise set design.

The cigarette holder is originally from Germany, but I bought it in a Shanghai antiques store. I am sure, I would have got such a thing cheaper in Germany, but I found it so suitable for this shoot, that I needed to have it.

Looking back at the history of the cigarette holders, you will find them come into vogue with the Charleston dancers, beginning of the last century. They were used as a fashion accessory and support a cool look. But they also had a practical use. They prevent the smoker getting her hands or gloves yellow, by keeping the cigarette away from the hands and prevent the ash from falling on the women’s clothes. Cigarette holders were also popular in movies during the 50th and 60th, of which maybe Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is the most famous example.

They also look quite nice. Some are made from amber, sepiolite, which is also called meerschaum as well as silver, jade, Bakelite, and other materials. You can find really nice samples, like this hand carved one.

Hair and make-up done by @Firdonyoiki, dress, styling and photography by Alex.