I am a passionate people photographer with more than 40 years experience. At the beginning of my career I was exploring the whole workflow of analog photography. This helped me learning the fundamentals. I carried that experience into the digital world, never forgetting the fact that the photographer takes the photo, not the camera. Quality in a photographic image comes from conscious decisions about all relevant aspects.
Above that, in a portrait photo shooting the client gets all the attention. Understanding the client’s needs, building trust and easing the situation of being exposed to a studio environment makes the difference. This altogether is the base for reaching the desired outcome.
I am happy with the result, when the client is positively surprised about the experience and certainly about the images.
Me and my team will always serve you with passion and in the utmost professional way.
Our Vision Statements:
We deliver the highest quality of portrait images by focusing on guiding my clients towards true and authentic expressions, achieving results, surpassing their expectations.
For food photography our mission is to offer all our experience and technology to achieve the best possible presentation of your creations and making you and your product more attractive to your clients. We focus on detail and strive for the extraordinary. It is the last 10%, which makes the difference. Our contribution is the creation of images managing the full range of possible parameters.