Wire Mesh – Conceptual Fashion

It is always fun, doing a fashion shooting, especially when the garments are conceptual rather than wearable. The garments for this shooting were designed by Alex Pietz, using metal wire mesh.


The golden garment consists of a black shift dress and an overlay from golden very fine structured wire mesh. The neckline is accentuated with a string of flowers, made from the same wire mesh.

For a more artistic and painting style look of the images, a curtain from wire mesh was used. The models acted behind the curtain. This created a structure and some blur in the image, giving it a structure almost like being painted on canvas. With the combination of golden wire mesh garment and golden wire mesh curtain matching color scene could be created. By adjusting the color temperature of the image and some additional color grading a more monochrome style of the images was created. However, in my opinion this should never go too far, so that a clear differentiation to  a real monochrome image is kept.

To add some dynamics to the scene, a wind machine was used, letting Anushka’s hair float.

The second garment’s main parts are made of a blueish fabric with a tulle base and blue/gray strip applications. Eye catcher are the bra cups, made from chrome coated steel half bowls. In the image these items show nice catch lights. Below a piece of herringbone pattern wire mesh covers the cut out.

Our two models Maria and Anushka were a perfect fit for the shooting. Makeup and hair was done by Firdonyoiki. Dasha Veselka supported us as a stylist.