Thoughts About Business Portraits

What am I doing with my time? What am I doing to make a living? Where do I spend most of my day?

For most of us these are questions, we do not ask ourselves often. We have a job, we go to work, it might be at an office or elsewhere – who cares?

Look at Seven (yes, her name is Seven). She does care!  She is a perfect fit for working at the ArtBook Store at Westbund Museum in Shanghai. I met her already several times before this shooting and always saw her blending perfectly with the modern style of the book shop and the museum. If she gives a recommendation for a book, it feels authentic. Who can then resist buying it right away!

When doing business portraits, I try to capture both, the aspects of the profession as well as the personality of the person in that role. Posing the person authentically rounds up the picture. We want to have competent assistance for an excellent shopping experience. But it should be unintrusive. A casual, but stylish appearance creates trust in this particular environment.