Maria – Video Comp Card

Recently, with digital media evolving, for fashion models having a video comp card is mandatory as well. There are seldom postings of job offers, which do not require providing a video comp card, video profile or image video. There are several terms used, all meaning the same thing: you need to have an animated version of your comp card, to successfully apply for a job. This is easier said than done. For the classical comp card, you can collect all kind of images from those jobs, you have done in the past and of which you think, they show you in a favorable light. But do you have those videos as well? Probably not. You need to find a good photographer, who is shooting images for comp cards and does videography as well. He will know, what is needed for your video comp card.

A video of one to three minutes length is all fine. Other than the printed comp card, it provides much more information about you to your potential clients. Therefore, it is a challenge, but also an opportunity. See it as an opportunity and have it done in the most professional way you can afford.

In the video you will talk a few sentences, saying your name, where you are from and maybe some other relevant data. If talking is not your strength, keep it short and have the rest of the information showing as text. You are typically not booked for your acting skills. But you need to be good with posing. Here is your chance to show off. Have different scenes in the video, showing how professionally you can act in front of the camera.

When I produce video comp cards, I often let the final photoshopped image follow the video scene. It is interesting, showing the posing part and then the final photo. The final image always adds a nice touch to the video part. It shows the viewer, what the result could be and therefore closes the loop to the initial purpose of the video – giving an impression about what one can expect, when working with you.