Freeze the Moment

Photography is producing static images, as everybody knows. But there is always a desire to show movements in a single image. That can be achieved in various ways.

For this project, I have chosen a technique, which combines constant lighting with flash. It can only be used in a dark environment and with a black backdrop. Otherwise, the person would look transparent and in most cases, that is not desired.

The camera should be set to long time exposure, 0.5 seconds in this case and the flash fires on the rear curtain.

There are two light sources. The first one is a continuous LED light, which highlights the movement, and supports a blurred trace of it. The second light source is a flash, which eventually freezes the movement and will produce a focused image at the end of the exposure.

Manual focus setting is required and the model needs to end her movement exactly at the determined location. It also needs to be taken care, the whole movement culminates at the time, the flash fires.

For a pleasing image you need to do a lot of trials.