Model Image Video: Kadu

Having a comp card or sed card is essential for a model. But today media and clients are more demanding. You also need to have an image video, showing something about yourself and how you work and pose. It is a good tool for your clients and agencies to learn about yourself and judge if you are the right one for their next job. Today it is just another item, you can use to stick out from the masses, tomorrow it might be a must have. Take care, you have get a professionally edited video, which is attractive for your clients and shows you, how you really are. It will be one of your most successful advertising assets.

(please be patient: video takes some time to load)

I am producing image videos for my clients, using professional cinematic equipment and editing tools.

An image video can either be done during a photo shooting session or arranged separately. For fashion models fast cuts are essential, which means a certain amount of different material needs to be produced. This takes some effort. 

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