Dutch Master Portrait

When I am out, I cannot avoid always trying to spot interesting faces for a portrait photo shooting. That might be embarrassing for some of my targeted individuals when I am starring at them longer than commonly tolerated. Sometimes my wife makes me aware of that awkward situation, while I am still imagining in what context I want to show that person, I am just looking at.

So happened also with Steff, who is a 12 year old girl, who caught my attention at a brunch event in one of the big Shanghai hotels. I immediately saw her face masked by a Flemish hood or so, as I found her facial features matching with what I have in mind, when thinking about old dutch master portraits.

After approaching her parents and also talking to her, we finally made arrangements for a shooting at our studio.

I prepared the shooting and necessary material and costumes until the day of the shooting came up and we started the shooting as I had planned it. I had so much in mind, but younger people lose interest fast, especially when the subject might not fully meet their desires. So I needed to speed up a little and at least got some nice images in the way, I would have expected them to look.