Casual Shooting with Daria

Shooting with professional models is relatively easy. You have your team with make up artist, hair stylist, assistant and most important your professional model. Everyone knows what you want to shoot or what the client is expecting. But if you do a photo shooting for a client, things are different. Sometimes you don’t have the support of the full team and sometimes you also don’t exactly know, what your client is expecting. That bears a high risk in regards to the quality of the images, you can get out of such a shooting. Certainly I know my equipment and especially the lighting, which most of the professional photographers know, can create miracles. However, there is still the uncertainty about the model posing. This situation requires a lot more communication between the model and the photographer, getting the desired results. Understanding the clients’ needs, sometimes even by ready between the lines, and then helping the client getting into favorable poses, is the key for success. This shooting with lovely Daria proofed that even with an inexperienced model very nice results are possible. Please judge yourself.